June 11, 2020

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

#4 in The Throne of Glass Series

Sarah J. Maas



Queen of shadows

You make me want to live, Rowan. Not survive; not exist. Live

Setting in the books


    • Aelin going back to rescue Aedion and Dorian from the king.
    • Chaol kinda dumbass to Aelin now, suddenly
    • She rescues Aedion & Dorian the night of celebrating Dorian's birthday and the day Aedion should be executed.
    • Managed to rescue Aedion but not Dorian as he has been consumed by evil, Aelin try to kill him but stop by Nesryn
    • Vlag use ring on the left hand, control by the king also use his ring
    • The night Aelin was supposed to kill Arobynn after handing Vlag commander to him but instead, Arobynn slide the Wyrdstone ring onto her finger after she gave her amulet of Orynth
    • Turn out, the ring is fake(Lysandra found a fine jeweler) but Arobynn thought he already control Aelin
    • Lysandra slice Arobynn’s throat in his sleep


  • Initially Rowan friend(cadre) but on this book, he threatened Rowan to kill Aelin because she gave Maeve the ring and ask for Wyrdkey to destroy
  • But later, he helps Rowan & Aedion in the sewer even though he kind of setup it
  • He didn't kill all the Wyrdhound and left Rowan scent there.
  • He helps them because he learns that Aedion is Gavriel's son.
  • Gavriel is his cadre



    • Manon become Wing Leader
    • Good character development in this book
    • Kaitlin a Shadowfire
      • Ability to burn without actually burning it.
      • In the end, she sacrificed(use her shadow fire) herself to destroy the place that used to produce Vlag
      • But before that scene, she gives something to Elide to pass it to Aelin


As per request by Duke Perrington, she gave Yellowlegs coven for him to breed

•  But being an asshole, Duke Perrington later ask her to give Blackbeak coven also.

Elide Lochan

Rooted for Aelin

Finally, she confronts Aelin. 

•  She introduced herself as Queen of Terrasen

•  Rowan got hit by an arrow on his shoulder, it makes Aelin angry and battle with her.

•  in the end, Aelin saved her from death.



  • Dorian still fighting with a demon inside him and he actually wants Aelin to kill her at that time.
  • Finally, Aelin confront the king in hoping that Rowan & Aedion destroy the tower for her to use the magic
  • Aelin insists on helping Dorian to release from Vlag but struggle to do it.
  • Dorian regains himself back when the flashing ring on his hand brings Dorian fighting out of the demon’s hold.
  • He snaps the collar from his neck. 
  • Aelin and Dorian fight together against the king & they two clasp hands and their magic intertwines.
  • Dorian delivers the killing blow. The glass castle shatters at Dorian’s battle cry. The bridge they’re standing on explodes, and they fall.
  • Aelin uses every last bit of power to prevent the glass from pummelling Rifthold. 
  • She feels wind (magic from Rowan) come up beneath her and give her a soft landing onto the grass.
  • Aelin, Rowan, Aedion, and Lysandra say their goodbyes and leave the castle to begin their journey. After three weeks, they set foot on Terrasen soil. And at long last, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius is home.



What an adventurous book. From savings Aedion, dealing with Arobyn, confront with Manon, and finally confront with Dorian and the king. I loved the plot, not the character. Why suddenly Aelin and Chaol become sort of enemies in the beginning. He kind of rude to Aelin. Is it because of she comeback as Aelin and not Calaena? I’m glad Rowan came to Rifthold to follow Aelin even though he gave an excuse to hunt Lorcan. Can we talk about how badass is Lysandra? From slide, Arobyn throat to turn into ghost leopard and help Rowan and Aedion in the sewer. Manon, great character development in this book. She becomes more human. We can see it when she learns about Asterin's secret where she falls in love with a human and bears a child but Manon’s grandmother buried her witchling alive. And how she helps Elide out from the dungeon. 


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