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Excitement at Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is situated at Lumut,Perak.It is one of the commercial island in Malaysia.It takes about 3 and half-hour to reach there by driving.I had so much fun there because it was my first time went to an island.We went there for 3 days and 2 nights and stay at Coral Bay Resort.We had to park our car at the parking that provided and took a ferry from Lumut Jetty.

.After checked in at the hotel,we took walk at the beach at take some picture for memories.The scenery was beautiful because of the sunset eventhough the sunset not really clear.

many hornbill at the island

the seashell look a like a butterfly.nice

i LOVE this picture

There are many island near the Pangkor Island such as Pangkor Laut,Mentagor Island and Giam Island.We took an boat trip to go at each island nearer.I managed to snap some pictures during the trip.
Pangkor Laut Resort.

Pangkor Laut has a private beach.I don't really know about the island but the conductor of the boat trip said that the cheapest house in the isl…

Part 2 Sarawak, Land of Hornbill

This part I want to tell more about this state.In this state,there a place called Serikin. The place located at the boarder between Malaysia and Borneo which is Indonesia.I went there because at Serikin they sell things with cheaper price.The place called Pasar Serikin.It takes about 1 hour from Kuching.Customer can bargain for a cheaper price.For those who likes shopping,they could not miss this place when they visit Sarawak.I'm a bit sad because I did not manage to go to all shops there because it was raining heavily.But I satisfy because I manage to buy things for myself.For your information,Pasar Serikin only open on weekend.

it was very hot when we arrived there

lots of shops

and lots of people

One more place that I find interesting is name Taman Sahabat.At first,I did not know the significance of the name.But when I get there,I saw a very big statue.I figure out about this park.Apparently,the the park was given Taman Sahabat because of the friendship between China and Malaysia.T…

Sarawak,Land of Hornbills

Sarawak map

I went to a vacation to Sarawak for 2 weeks.It was my first time to go to this state.I went there with my mom and stay at my aunt house.I was arrive at International Kuching Airport on 29 November 2010 approximately at 12 afternoon.My aunt house is just 5 minutes from the airport.Sarawak is a big state and honestly I did not manage to travel all interesting place in Sarawak.This state has many division.Although I did not manage to go to all the interesting place,but I have many things while on vacation because my aunt siblings live there.Firstly, I want to tell about the capital of the state which is Kuching.India Street is one of the interesting place in the town.They sell a lot of thing especially clothes.I bought shirts as a souvenir.India Street is located near the river that people use to call waterfront.People in Kuching usually take a water taxi to cross the river.I grab my chance to ride the boat.Only RM o.40 per person.

Across that river,there a new Dewan Undangan N…