Sarawak,Land of Hornbills

Sarawak map

I went to a vacation to Sarawak for 2 weeks.It was my first time to go to this state.I went there with my mom and stay at my aunt house.I was arrive at International Kuching Airport on 29 November 2010 approximately at 12 afternoon.My aunt house is just 5 minutes from the airport.Sarawak is a big state and honestly I did not manage to travel all interesting place in Sarawak.This state has many division.Although I did not manage to go to all the interesting place,but I have many things while on vacation because my aunt siblings live there.Firstly, I want to tell about the capital of the state which is Kuching.India Street is one of the interesting place in the town.They sell a lot of thing especially clothes.I bought shirts as a souvenir.India Street is located near the river that people use to call waterfront.People in Kuching usually take a water taxi to cross the river.I grab my chance to ride the boat.Only RM o.40 per person.

Across that river,there a new Dewan Undangan Negeri building if I not mistaken.The building was very beautiful.It can be seen from the side of the river.

Next,is the place that everybody must visit is at the
cat statue which is the symbol the city.

The most attractive place to at Kuching is at Pasar Satok or Satok Market.The market is open only on the weekend.The interesting thing there is the market different from other market at Peninsular Malaysia because there have variety of choice.They not only sell vegetables,fruits and food but they also sell pets,plant and even souvenir.There a lot of plant and for those for loves gardening,you should come here to see variety species of plant.Went I walked through plant section,I saw an unique plant,the seller told that plant named is Butterfly plant.The plant look exactly like butterfly.The plant was very attractive.


cute dog

cute rabbit

I was very excited at that time because I like pet very much even I did not have one.The price of the things at the market also is cheaper compare to Peninsular Malaysia because Sarawak is a big state and have many place to build farm rather than Peninsular Malaysia.Okay,I will continue my vacation story on the next entry..


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