Excitement at Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is situated at Lumut,Perak.It is one of the commercial island in Malaysia.It takes about 3 and half-hour to reach there by driving.I had so much fun there because it was my first time went to an island.We went there for 3 days and 2 nights and stay at Coral Bay Resort.We had to park our car at the parking that provided and took a ferry from Lumut Jetty.

.After checked in at the hotel,we took walk at the beach at take some picture for memories.The scenery was beautiful because of the sunset eventhough the sunset not really clear.

many hornbill at the island

the seashell look a like a butterfly.nice

i LOVE this picture

There are many island near the Pangkor Island such as Pangkor Laut,Mentagor Island and Giam Island.We took an boat trip to go at each island nearer.I managed to snap some pictures during the trip.
Pangkor Laut Resort.

Pangkor Laut has a private beach.I don't really know about the island but the conductor of the boat trip said that the cheapest house in the island is RM 1200 for one night and the most expensive house is up to 5000 US Dollar for only one night.Really expensive right?

The picture above is very unique because the stone is look like of something.The first picture we can see the stone is look like a head of a turtle.The second one is look like a heart shaped right?Below the heart shaped picture is a head of a human look up to the sky.Is not really clear because you have to see in a right angle.Beside the picture is a stone that is look a like of a whale.Unique is it?

i got to see a plenty of blue fish here

We also snorkeling during the boat trip.I got to see coral and fish at the beach but without the skill of snorkeling,its hard for me to snorkel and for the result,I got some scar at my leg.As for the island trip,we travel around the island by charted van.

Dutch Fort

an enormous fish at a temple in the island [Dragon Fish]

a group of monkey that wait for food

For your information,all van at the island is pink colour.We had an enjoyable trip because we got a sporting uncle who explain everything about Pangkor island.For our activities at beach,we play jet ski,banana boat and viper.The most anticipating activity is viper.You want to know how fun?Try it yourself.a exciting activity yet tiring

banana boat

jet ski

Overall,the vacation was the best moment vacation so far.Look for the next vacation.Hope so. =


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