Part 2 Sarawak, Land of Hornbill

This part I want to tell more about this state.In this state,there a place called Serikin. The place located at the boarder between Malaysia and Borneo which is Indonesia.I went there because at Serikin they sell things with cheaper price.The place called Pasar Serikin.It takes about 1 hour from Kuching.Customer can bargain for a cheaper price.For those who likes shopping,they could not miss this place when they visit Sarawak.I'm a bit sad because I did not manage to go to all shops there because it was raining heavily.But I satisfy because I manage to buy things for myself.For your information,Pasar Serikin only open on weekend.

it was very hot when we arrived there

lots of shops

and lots of people

One more place that I find interesting is name Taman Sahabat.At first,I did not know the significance of the name.But when I get there,I saw a very big statue.I figure out about this park.Apparently,the the park was given Taman Sahabat because of the friendship between China and Malaysia.The park was beautiful though because the history of is carve on the artificial stone.

friendship between Malaysia and China

Admiral Zheng He

suppose to be all state in Malaysia,but I can not take all because of drizzle

Next is the other district of Sarawak,which is Sibu.It took about six hour driving from Kuching.I manage to go to the city and the park name Taman Jubli Bukit Aup.The city is not very big compare to Kuching city.One fact about Sarawak,they like to put a statue as a symbol of each district.The symbol of Sibu is a swan.

.I was born year of monkey

Taman Bukit Aup is one of the interesting place at Sibu.I'm not very sure about the location of that place but at this park,we can jog and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature and the best part of this park is we can feed the fish in pond there.There was plenty of fish in the pond.

the fish struggle to get food =]

Actually there a lot of interesting place that I did not manage to go because the state was very big. Niah Cave,Mulu Cave is another interesting place to visit.Do visit Sarawak because it's full of nature.


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