Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1

The title sound interesting huh.One week after the premier of the movie,I went to GSC Dataran Pahlawan with my buddies to watch the movie.I'm a fan of Harry Potter and I've collect all the DVD of the series.The duration of the movie was 2 hour and 27 minutes.I enjoy watching the first part of the movie.Since I'm the fan of HP,I will say that the film was enjoyable.My fellow said that the movie was quite slow when the scenes where HP and his friend try to search the Horcruxes and I agree with them.The things that makes the movie interesting when Ron and Hermione scenes where they had a fight,the laughable of the Ron's characteristic and the using of surprising element where the snake, Nagini had a fight with Harry and Hermione.The funniest part in this movie when The Order use decoys of Harry to move him to the Weasley's home where the decoys are their friends.Their friends had to drink the potion to turn into Harry Potter.

[lets count how many Harry Potter in this image]

The saddest scene in the movie when Dobby the goblin died when escape from the Death Eaters,Bellatrix Lestrange.He died after the knife that Bellatrix throw stabbed at Dobby body.When I watch this movie I realize that Dobby is actually cute.OMG.

cute isn't it?

Overall is worth going to the cinema to watch this movie.Can't wait to watch the second part of this movie.For those who haven't watch this movie,I suggest this movie to you especially to HP fans.


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