My Girlfriend Is Gumiho

I just finished watching a Korean Drama title My Girlfriend Is Gumiho or the other name is My Girlfriend Is Nine-tailed fox.The rating for this drama was quite high even it did not usually get rank number 1.

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It's a bit late to talk about this drama because the drama was aired around August.But I really like the of the story because the conflict is not cliche like other drama where is about wealth. The drama is about the bead that the Gumiho gave to a man name Cha Dae Woong in order to save his life.The conflict appear when Gumiho likes Cha Dae Woong and eagerly to become a human.The funniest thing about the drama is their supporting character which is Cha Dae Woong aunt, and the movie director, fall in love with each other.And lastly is about the heroin which is Gumiho. I like her the way she become sweet and innocent woman because she really didn't know about the world.

saving Cha Dae Woong life

it rain when Gumiho cry

.symbol to become friend

.had to leave her in order to save her life

.spent the last time together

I have to admit that the last episode was very touching.Can you imagine that you know when the person you love die and how will you spent the last day together.The last episode was full of tears and for the people who has a fragile heart,you will burst into tears.

want to watch this drama,click this and if you want the OST of this drama click here

Additional info :
Shin Min Ah,the heroin of this drama recently won Style Icon Actress at 2010 Style Icon Award.
Lee Seung Ki is actually a singer and sing for the OST of this drama


  1. syuk!
    citer ni sangat best!!!!!!
    aku ske no min woo!!

  2. ak ske gle epi 16..bepuluh kali ak ulang epi 16 je..huhu.


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