2010 Goes By...


2010 goes by and 2011 comes. What can I say about last year is it not memorable compared to the last 2 years which is 2009. 2010 left me with an unforgettable moment where the person whom I loved very much passed away on 19th of May. My grandma blew last breath at 11 o’clock in the morning. My family and I were relieved to see her go because she suffered so much for the past 1 year.

Eventhough I was relieved to see her go,but I was very sad because I was very close to her and I am the only grandson who lived with her. I felt satisfied because I managed to take care for her with my mom and my cousin for about 5 month before she passed away. I hope that her soul be blessed by Allah. Next is about my SPM result,honestly I didn’t expect that I would get that kind of result because I expect more. I will be a cheater if I say that I’m not regret and sad when I take the result but, life must go on. I accept it and I let the fate decide for myself and now I’m here. Take banking course in UiTM Lendu,Melaka and I feel grateful for the result of the first semester. Hope I can maintain the result for the next 5 semester. For the year of 2010, it was my first experience to go to work. I got to work at MPH Bookstore for 3 months with the help of my cousin. I gained new experience when I worked there. I enjoy worked there because I loved to work with books.

But it sometimes there are some customer give me a hard time. I take it as experience when working. I got my car license around February at the first attempt. I am very lucky at that time because I think I did some mistakes when I took that amali. My sweetest moment in 2010 when I went to a vacation to Sarawak and to Pangkor. It was my first time went holiday with my family. I had a great time at Sarawak with my Pak Lang’s family and a full of excitement at Pangkor with my Pak Su’s family. And lastly I totally addicted to korean drama and song this year. The korean wave is bigger nowdays and people around the were attracted to this wave.

Another year comes and this is the last year that number 1 in front of my age will disappear.19 years old. Then I will turn 20. In 2011, I want to maintain my achievement in UiTM and I hope I can do it. I want to gain some weight but not to be a fat person,just to achieve my normal BMI. That’s all I think for my wish. Hope my wish come true.


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