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I just finished watching a korean drama, Bakery Kim Tak Gu.It was a good drama because the story line is about family.The drama is about a guy who has a good sense of smell and the hardship to find his mother. Although the drama have 30 episode but the rating was very impressive.The first episode premier on 9 June 2010 and ranked number 6 but the other episode mostly ranked number 1.The drama also won many award in KBS Drama Award last December.For more info about the drama visit this website.I like one of the actress in the drama,named Eugene.She has acted many drama before this such as Wonderful Life,Save Your Last Dance For Me and more.But in this drama,she played an antagonist role named Shin Yoo Kyung.I was interested at the characteristic hero because he was very courageous facing his life.I like a quote in drama that says "Kindness can make someone's heart moved".Tak Gu is a happy go lucky person.Even when he is in trouble,but he keep smile and went through his life.The other thing that I like about the drama was the mouth watering cakes and bread.

looks very delicious

The drama was more to family matter but not to love.I like the scene when Tak Gu and Ma Jun become friends and how Tak Gu sister be nice to him.The OST also was good to hear.You can download them here.Give me your thought about this drama =]


  1. best kan..tapi ak tak ske eugene berlakon jadi jahat,huhu.


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