Anugerah Juara Lagu 25

One of the most anticipated award in Malaysia comes again.The award just end just now and who would have thought that a person[Ana Rafalli] that she would beat many big name in Malaysia industry with her own song. With an information that I know,she have been pick by a company from the video that she has posted at youtube.If you want to know more about this lady,just take a look at her own blog.Congratulation to her because managed to get the first place.If you realize many of the artist use white dress for their performance.The stage was quite impressive.

Here are the winners of this award :

First Place : Ana Raffali - Tolong Ingatkan Aku by Ana Raffali
Second Place : Taja/Teja - Drama King by Meet Uncle Hussein
Third Place : Ajai/Sheikh Qalam - Nokhtah Cinta by Hafiz AF7
Best Vocal : Hafiz Af7
Best Performance : Faizal Tahir

All the nominees was very competitive and have done their best at the award.The interesting part when the past winners such as Francisca Peter,M.Nasir,Datuk Siti Nurhaliza make their performance with the song that they win.Congratulation for all the winners and the nominees.

p/s : i think TV3 should make in HD to make the event more interesting for the viewers at house. =]


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