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Hello =]

This is my first time join something like this.One of the reason is to get more blogger friends from this event.I proudly to tell you about my university.

Technology University of MARA or the common name is UiTM.I study at UiTM Alor Gajah,Melaka.Now,I am in Semester to and take banking course.I register there on 26 June 2010 and will took a role of diploma on early 2013. InsyaAllah.Because the schedule for study had been change for 3 semester per year,I will graduate at early 2013,if not I will graduate on the middle of 2013.

A bit information about UiTM Alor Gajah,Melaka campus :
- the number of student in the campus is about 6000+
- there are 10 faculty here. [ I am in faculty business management ]
- have a lake between the academic building and hostel
- use name of the melaka hero for hostel building [ my hostel name Tuah College ]

my classmate

the guys
scenery at the lake
you can put your leg in the lake
the small fish will bite your finger

My memorable experience is when I took a part in amazing race organize by SIFE.I am member of SIFE.SIFE is an entrepreneur club like PUM when I'm in secondary school.The amazing race took place at Melaka Zoo.I was very happy because I didn't went to the zoo for about 7 years.huhu.The amazing race also was participated by the student from PAYASUM [ school for orphans,I think so].I managed to know the children from PAYASUM because we were divided into group where there are student from UiTM and PAYASUM in each group.We had to explore the zoo and the best moment which we must find the clue in the elephant poops.

organized by SIFE
we get number 3 in the race
So far,I didn't have any bad memory in this university and I hope I didn't get one.So,this is my story.


  1. dulu penah dapat offer wat dip in banking kat uitm..
    tp x pegi sebab family swoh masuk matrik..

  2. Great Boy dear!!!.. smart entry!.. apepun, akak singgah dari blog BPM.. turut memeriahkan blog awak..

    btw, jom singgah blog akak

  3. Datang melawat pelajar UiTM
    Salam Singgah daripada pelajar UTP

    Admiral Hafiz Official Website: Admiral'z Legacy

  4. tp sy pelajar Uitm - Kptm
    hehe 2 in 1

  5. Love this post!! I remember my time in UiTM.... Very enthusiastic about college life...the unique surroundings... Its a dream come true... You'll cherish these memories forever... Salam singgah dari Groningen Belanda


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