Sweet Potato

Today I want to talk about Sweet Potato.I found the sweet potato interesting when I watch a korean variety show name We Got Married.In the variety show,it has a couple name goguma couple because they like sweet potato very much.Goguma mean sweet potato in korea.Back to the topic,sweet potato come from root vegetables family because the root are used as vegetables.There are many types of sweet potato such as purple sweet potato,japanese sweet potato and many more.For more info for types of sweet potato visit this website.In Malay,keledek mean sweet potato.We used sweet potato to make variety of cakes and pastries such as currypuff,keria and cekmek.

curry puff


keria or sweet potato donuts

There many benefits of sweet potatoes in complex carbohydrates,dietary fiber,beta carotene[same as vitamin A],vitamin C and vitamin B6.For more information of the nutrition,visit this website.There also a lot of way to cook sweet potato such as boiled,baked in oven or microwave.

boiled sweet potato

baked sweet potato

p/s : the korean variety show is very interesting.you should watch =]


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